Technical due diligence

All property transactions and construction projects involve complex and legal challenges. Our expertise, experience and professional approach allow us to resolve issues through reasoned negotiation, thus maximising value and minimising disruption en route. Our services include:

Acquisition surveys

We aim to remain flexible in offering a series of options to assist investors, occupiers and developers in determining the scope of the due diligence exercise and presenting advice in a way that suits particular needs. Our core service deals with the following aspects:

  • form and quality of construction
  • general specification standards
  • current condition
  • legislative and statutory obligations affecting occupation/ownership

Being responsive to clients' needs is paramount and we place different emphasis on each of these issues dependent on the type of property and the commercial drivers behind the acquisition. For instance, occupiers might typically require clear guidance on potential liabilities related to lease obligations, while investors may be more concerned to understand how the specification, quality and layout may affect value.

Our ability to solve problems ensures the deal proceeds wherever possible and we would always offer advice and guidance on matters which may require more detailed investigation. Our appreciation of any potential liabilities which can be faced following acquisition can prove vital in achieving an advantageous negotiating position.

To discuss how our technical due diligence services can work for you, please call us.